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These are mainly books that we have read and that are of some kind of interest for the local history of Oladalen, Drabeng and Lyngen.

Barck. Å. (2002). Kirunas Byar. (Tidningsföreningen i Kiruna, Kiruna)
Swedish. A systematic account of the villages and settlements of Kiruna. There are extensive links between Lyngen and this part of Sweden.
Beckett, S.J. (1935). A Wayfarer in Norway. (Methuen, London)
English. In a fairly typical 1930s travelogue, there is a short description of the Lyngen peninsula "composed almost entirely of finely shaped mountains".
Bratrein, H.D. (1989). Karlsøy og Helgøy Bygdebok. Bind I Fra steinalder til år 1700. (Karlsøy Kommune, Hansnes)
Norwegian. Part 1 contains a great deal of information about prehistoric times in Nord-Troms.
Bratrein, H.D. (1990). Karlsøy og Helgøy Bygdebok. Bind II Fra år 1700 til 1860. (Karlsøy Kommune, Hansnes)
Norwegian. Part 2 of this work.
Bratrein, H.D. (1992). Karlsøy og Helgøy Bygdebok. Bind III Fra år 1860 til 1925. (Karlsøy Kommune, Hansnes)
Norwegian. Part 3 of this work.
Bratrein, H.D. (1994). Karlsøy og Helgøy Bygdebok. Bind IV Fra år 1925 til 1985. (Karlsøy Kommune, Hansnes)
Norwegian. Part 4 of this work. Includes ca 100 page index to all four parts.
Bull, T., Jetne, K. (Ed) (1982). Nordnorsk. Språkarv og språkforhold i Nord-Noreg. (Det Norske Samlaget, Oslo)
Norwegian. Mostly rather technical essays on various aspects of Norwegian as used in North Norway. No substitute for hearing it and not much help in understanding it either. A chapter each on Lappish and Finnish.
de Capell Brooke, A. (1823). Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark, to the North Cape, in the summer of 1820 (Rodwell and Martin, London)
English. A beautiful work describing an English sportsman's adventures in northern Norway. Illustrated.
de Capell Brooke, A. (1826). Winter sketches in Lapland or illustrations of a journey from Alten on the shores of the polar sea in 69 55" North Lat. through Norwegian, Russian and Swedish Lapland to Torneå at the extremity of the Gulf of Bothnia. (John Murray, London)
BW edition. There is a "coloured" edition of 1827 published by Rodwell. English. Our hero survives the winter in Alta and makes a thrilling journey to Torneå with the Sami. Illustrated.
Dahl, R., Sveian, H. (Ed) (2004). Ka dokker mein førr stein! (Norges geologiske undersøkelse, Trondheim)
Norwegian. An excellent review of the geology of Troms with many photos, maps and diagrams. Just what one needs to understand why the place looks the way it does.
Drivenes, E.-A., Hauan, M.A., Wold, H,A. (ed) (1994) Nordnorsk Kulturhistorie 1. Det gjenstridige landet. (Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Oslo)
Norwegian. Encyclopædia for the social identity of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.
Drivenes, E.-A., Hauan, M.A., Wold, H,A. (ed) (1994) Nordnorsk Kulturhistorie 2. Det mangfoldige folket. (Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Oslo)
Norwegian. The second part of this work.
Eyþórsson, E. (2008). Sjøsamene og kampen om fjordressursene. (ForfatternesForlag stiftelse, Karasjok)
Norwegian. Excellent review of sjøsamernes struggle against industrial fishing in the fjords of north Norway.
Forbes, J. (1853). Norway and its Glaciers visited in 1851; followed by journals of excursions in the High Alps of Dauphine, Berne and Savoy. (Adam and Charles Black, Edinburgh)
English. Forbes, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh, visited Ullsfjord and Lyngenfjord during his journey to study the glaciers of Norway and to compare them with glaciers in the Swiss Alps. A classic.
Forsström, J.E. (1917). I Norrlandsstäder och Lapplandsbygd År 1800. (Nationalförlaget, Stockholm)
Swedish. The diary of a young Swedish naturalist's adventures in northern Sweden and Lyngen.
Grepstad, O., Thorheim, K.T. (2005). Fotefar mot nord. (Press, Oslo)
Norwegian. Kommune by kommune description of Nord-Norge and Namdalen. Beautiful pictures. Many small essays lighten up what might have been a boring gazetteer. Not a lot of detail but great for a quick survey of places you might not be familiar with.
Grym, E. (1959). Från Tornedalen till Nordnorge. (Luleå Bokförlag, Luleå)
Swedish. Mainly concerns the period after 1850, with names of people recorded as having moved from Tornedalen to Norway, unfortunately without saying where they went.
Guttormsen, H. (2005). Fra Istid til Læstadius. Lyngen Regionhistorie I. (Lyngen Bygdebok 2005)
Norwegian. Part one of a regional history deals with the time before ca 1800. Excellent complement to, rather than replacement for, Lyngen Bygdebok by E. Larsen.
Hansen, L.I., Olsen, B. (2006). Samernas Historia fram til 1750. (Liber, Stockholm)
Swedish. First of two planned volumes. Up-to-date, covers the whole of Fenno-Scandia. Interesting and useful discussion of ethnicity.
Hauge, T., Hauglid, A.O. (1995). De brente våre hjem. Krig - Brenning - Nytt Håp (Nord-Troms-Museum, Lyngen)
Norwegian. Photo-history of the Second World War in Nord-Troms.
Hauge, T., Solheim, F., Sivertsen, B., Hauglid, A.O. (1986). Her bor mitt Folk. En Bildefortelling fra Gamle Lyngen. (Lyngen Bygdeboknemnd/Nord-Troms-Museum, Lyngen)
Norwegian. Varied collection of photos from Lyngen to ca 1970, with references (not always accurate).
Hederyd, O. (1982) Överkalix. Del 1 Från stenhacka till järntacka. (Norrbottens Museum, Luleå)
Swedish. Detailed local history of Överkalix in Norrbotten, Sweden. A number of families from the Kalix valley, including a branch of the well-known Hinderson family, migrated to Lyngen in 19th century. Interesting to make a comparison with the history of Lyngen.
Hederyd, O. (1986) Överkalix. Del 2 Från fiskestrider till avfolkningstider. (Norrbottens Museum, Luleå)
Swedish. Part 2 of this work.
Jacklin, A. (2004) Historien om Nord-Norge. (Gyldendal, Oslo)
Norwegian. History from 1884 to the present.
Johnsen, B., Skjerven, O. (1984) Lyngsalpene. (Universitetsforlaget, Oslo)
Norwegian. Description of Lyngsalpene with many beautiful photos.
Karlsen, H. (1981?) Lyngen Kirke 250 år 1731-1981. (Lyngen Menighetsråd, Lyngen)
Norwegian. History of the church in Lyngen with many interesting photos.
Larsen, A. (1947) Om sjøsamene. (Tromsø Museum, Tromsø)
Norwegian, translated from Lappish by J. Qvigstad. How sjøsamene lived, written by a sjøsame. Part of the material resulting from Qvigstad's uncompleted ethnographic investigations. See also Thomassen, O. below.
Larssen, E. (1964) Banken og Bygda Lyngen Sparebank 1908-1958. (Lyngen Sparebank)
Norwegian. The first 50 years of Lyngen Sparebank gives a different view of the development of Lyngen.
Larssen, E. (1983) Banken og Bygda Lyngen Sparebank 1908-1958. 2 opplag. Lyngen Sparebank 1959-1982. (Lyngen Sparebank)
Norwegian. An up-dated version of the previous work.
Larssen, E. (1976) Lyngen Bygdebok. Lyngen Prestegjelds Historie. (Kåfjord, Storfjord, Lyngen og Tromsø Kommuner, Tromsø)
Norwegian. Del I of LBB although not titled as such. Local history.
Larssen, E. (1980) Lyngen Bygdebok. Del II Gårdshistorie. (Kåfjord, Storfjord, Lyngen og Tromsø Kommuner, Tromsø)
Norwegian. Invaluable source of information about individual farms in Lyngen, although not without its faults.
Le Blond, Mrs Aubrey (1908). Mountaineering in the Land of the Midnight Sun. (Lippincott, Philadelphia)
English. The stirring yarn of Mrs Le Blond's climbs in Lyngen 1898 - 1903 with her two Swiss guides. They managed more than twenty first ascents.
Lovett, R. (1885). Norwegian Pictures. Containing also a glance at Sweden and the Gotha Canal. (The Religious Tract Society, London)
English. Victorian view of Norway, including Lyngen. Many nice illustrations engraved from photos and sketches.
Marainen, J. (1997). Karesuando samesläkter. (Sámiid Riikasearvi, Umeå)
Swedish. Detailed family trees of samerna in Karesuando from ca 1720 to ca 1960. Many of these families were in Lyngen, at least during the summer.
Mellem, R. (1998). Så jaga dem oss fra heiman våres. (Orkana, Stamsund)
Norwegian. Ten women's memories of the Second World War in Nord-Norge.
Nielsen, Y. (1899). Reisehaandbog over Norge. (Alb. Cammermeyers Forlag, Christiania)
Norwegian. Comprehensive travel guide to Norway.
Nilsen, G. (ed) (2004). Kulturmøter i Nord-Troms. (Nord-Troms Museum, Sørkjosen)
Norwegian. Jubileumsbok for Nord-Troms Museum. Nicely illustrated essays with a long perspective.
Pollen, B. (ed) (1997) Samiske Beretninger. (Ascheoug, Oslo)
Norwegian. A selection of stories, many of them collected from Lyngen, from J.K. Quigstad's Samiske eventyr og sagn I-IV (1927-1929). Highly recommended.
Posti, P. (2001) Trollfjordslaget. Myter og virklighet. (Montanus, Svolvær)
Norwegian. Historien om redskapskonfliker i Lofoten på 1890-tallet. Meget lesvært.
Rabot, C. (1898) Au Cap Nord Itinéraires en Norvège, Suède, Finlande. (Libraire Hachette Paris)
French. Traveller's tales from 1890's. Available on the web.
Richter-Hansen, E. (2004). I stille vær, i storm og vind. Lyngen Regionhistorie II. (Lyngen Bygdebok 2004)
Norwegian. Part two of a regional history deals with the time after ca 1800. Complements, rather than replaces, Lyngen Bygdebok by E. Larsen.
Ryvarden, L., Lauritzen, P.R. (2006). Kyst Norge Fra Nordland til Svalbard. (Gyldendal, Oslo)
Norwegian. Nature guide to the coast of Nord-Norge.
Schnitler, P. (1962). Major Peter Schnitlers Grenseeksaminasjonsprotokoller 1742-1745 utgitt av Kjeldeskriftfondet. Bind I ved Kristian Nissen og Ingolf Kvamen
Norwegian, Essential source. Bind I includes a table of contents for both bind I & II together with an index of places and an index of persons for Bind I.
Schnitler, P. (1929). Major Peter Schnitlers Grenseeksaminasjonsprotokoller 1742-1745 utgitt av Kjeldeskriftfondet. Bind II ved J. Qvigstad og K.B. Wiklund
Norwegian, Essential source. Bind I & II together contain the records of Schnitler's cross-examination of local people regarding the boundary districts. Index of places and an index of persons for Bind II.
Schnitler, P. (1984). Major Peter Schnitlers Grenseeksaminasjonsprotokoller 1742-1745 utgitt av Kjeldeskriftfondet. Bind III
Norwegian, Essential source. Specially relevant for Finnmark. Index of places and an index of persons for Bind III.
Styles, S. (1954). Mountains of the Midnight Sun. (Hurst and Blackett, London)
English. Serious climbing and surveying on the northern tip of Lyngen peninsula, which was unmapped at the time.
Sørensen, S. (2004). Bosettning og handelsvirksomhet på Årøyholmen. in Menneske og Miljø i Nord-Troms. Årbok 2004, pp 25-30.
Thomassen, O. med tillegg av Peder Arild Mikalsen. (1999). Lappenes forhold. (Samisk Språksenter, Kåfjord kommune)
Norwegian. Part of the material resulting from Qvigstads uncompleted ethnographic investigations. See also Larsen, A. above. This part deals specifically with conditions in Lyngen and Porsanger.
Tobé, E. (1986). Fransysk Visit i Tornedalen 1736-1737. (Tornedalica, Luleå)
Swedish. An account of a French expedition to Tornedalen to measure a degree of latitude and determine the shape of the Earth.
Weir, T. (1953). Camps and Climbs in Arctic Norway. (Cassell, London)
English. Adventures of a group of English climbers, including camping in the rain on Fastdalsøra.